The Ultimate Guide to Dating MILFs

After dating a lot and sleeping around within your dating pool, you might find yourself looking for something new. Dating can begin to feel monotonous especially when you feel like you are limited to the same group of people in your town or city.
If you live in a larger city, you might not keep running into the same people, but you’re probably running into the same type of girl: young, drunk, and kind of dumb. If you are beginning to feel stuck and sick of the kind you are continuing to date, then it might be time to expand your dating pool.
How do you do that? Well, you don’t have to move or go on a sexcapade to a neighboring city. You only need to expand your idea of who is datable. The easiest and most rewarding way to do this is by simply expanding the age range of who you’re willing to date.
That’s right. You should be dating cougars.
If anything making this change will be a good experiment for your dating and sex life. Older women are completely different from the 20-somethings you’re used to dating now. This is exciting. However, that means that there are a whole new set of rules and things to keep in mind when dating these women.
You can’t just buy them drinks, get hammered, and buy them a burrito on the way back to your place like you did in college. Dating – and eventually banging – MILFs requires some finesse.
So, here is the ultimate list of things you must keep in mind when you’re dating a more mature woman:
1. Never Treat her like she’s an Old Lady
Sure this woman is older, perhaps old enough to be your mother, but if you’re trying to date this lady, you should not be treating her like she’s your grandmother.
Yes, you need to treat her with a level of respect that is not often commanded by younger women, but you can do that without making her feel like she’s 1000 years old.
Your goal is to make her feel wanted and desired, not like you’re worried she’ll break a hip while walking across the street. If you make her feel fragile and old, then she won’t want to be around you, much less sleep with you.
You have to treat this woman like she’s your equal, not like she’s your elder. Once you aren’t afraid of the age difference and learn to embrace it, this balance will not be difficult to master.
2. Understand that older bodies are different than younger bodies
When you’re getting down and dirty with whatever MILF you’re dating, you need to keep in mind that this isn’t some barely legal sorority girl.
Bodies change with age. And I don’t just mean from 20 to 90. If this woman is in her late 30s or somewhere in her 40s, her body might be different from what you’d expect from a girl fresh out of college.
Understand that even if they’re fit for their age, they might not be able to do every wild kama sutra position in the book. Know that you may need to be gentle when it comes to bending her into a pretzel and know that might need a little more lube, depending on the MILF.
Make sure you have open communication while you’re in the bedroom. Be sure to ask if she’s comfortable before you get away from yourself. And don’t be afraid to let her take the wheel.
But remember not to treat her like she has a glass hip. While she may not be able to put her legs behind her head, MILFs are extremely experienced. She might just surprise you.
3. You need to be able to hold a conversation
Before you can even think about getting it in with a MILF on the regular, you need to make sure you can hold a conversation.
I mean sure, your fuq boi self might get lucky and get her to go home with you a couple of times before she realizes you’re boring. During that time maybe read a book or two.
These women are older than you. Therefore they have more life experience and probably have a higher IQ. So you might want to be able to have a conversation about something other than EDC or Coachella.
Run-of-the-mill fuq boi conversation topics aren’t going to fly with a MILf. If you find that she’s just using you for your body, I suggest keeping your mouth shut so that she doesn’t get annoyed with you.

4. Don’t treat her like she’s a sugar mama… unless that’s what she wants
Don’t automatically assume that by dating a MILF she’s going to open her wallet as wide as she opens her legs. You should expect to pay for anything you’d ordinarily pay for with women your own age.
There is nothing more annoying that a mooch… unless that’s what she wants.
Just like older men, there are older women who enjoy providing for their boy toys. If that’s the case, I would take advantage of it.
Either way, don’t feel intimidated if she has more money than you. Since she’s older, she’s probably further along in her career than you are, and in that case, it only makes sense that she has deeper pockets than you.
If you start to act insecure, that will be a sure-fire way to get yourself dumped.
5. Have fun
There’s no point in dating if you’re not enjoying yourself most of the time. Any relationship is work, regardless of if it’s with a 20 year old or a 40 year old MILF.
You might find that MILFs are a little more work – or less in a lot of cases since they’re more self-assured – but if she’s tearing you down more than she’s building you up she’s not worth it.