5 College Dating Facts You Won’t Believe

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College dating is wild and unpredictable, and doesn’t have many set rules, unlike dating after college. College is a time where young people really get an idea for the dating scene, as high school wasn’t very representative of how the dating world really works.

Dating in college is kind of a survival of the fittest situation where the ones who can get dates get dates, and the ones who don’t or don’t want to, well… don’t. If you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and if you don’t, you don’t.

Whatever the reason for entering the dating scene (or staying away from it) in college, there are five facts about college dating that you’ll find surprising, or make you say, “Oohh, that’s why…”

1: One third of college seniors have been on two or fewer dates. Just because you’ve been in college for four years doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been on your share of dates.

It may come as a surprise that that amount of seniors haven’t been on a date, but think about it this way; some students have their hearts set on getting their degree and starting their career right after college, so they are not very focused on getting a date this Friday night.

These students may seem like they’re not having as much fun as their classmates who are hooking up or dating, but they just have different goals and are really invested in their future, so they tend to shy away from dates and spend most of their time in the library.

2: Men have the upper hand when it comes to selecting a date. This is because there are more women than there are men in college.

Upwards of 55% of college students are female, so if you’re a guy and it doesn’t seem like you’ll be on a date anytime soon, think again; things are looking up.

3: You won’t find your next date at a bar near campus. College students love to party, and bar hopping is a good way to do that.

You’d think that with so many students going to bars some of them would have found a date at a bar, but only 2% of guys and 9% of girls find a relationship at a bar.

Next time you hit the bars with some friends and don’t go back home with someone, don’t let it ruin your drunken stupor; no one else that night went home with someone (unless they came together).

4: One out of every four seniors have never slept with anyone before. You’d think that with casual hookups being so popular that this number would be a lot smaller, but a quarter of seniors have never had sex.

This could tie into the statistic about students going one two or fewer dates in college; some students go to college to be students, and solely that. They may have major responsibilities, making them focus on their studies so they can get a job and provide for their family, or to get their lives back on track after a misstep.

With their studies and even work, some college students barely have time to even relax, let alone find someone to hookup with or date.

When you think about it in a different light, it makes sense that one out of four seniors are virgins. They may not be experienced in bed, but they could be closer to starting their careers than students who have slept around and put less focus on school.

5: Over 70% of college students hookup with someone by senior year. College can be really fun and blissful, but it can also really, really, suck and make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a pencil.

Thus, every now and then college students need to unwind and relax (by “every now and then” I mean just about every night). Some “unwind” by getting really turnt, some chill and watch Netflix, and some have sex with someone they just met.

By senior year, 7 out of 10 students will have had a one night stand, and many of them will have done that more than once. Sex is a great stress reliever, and sometimes it’s all you need to refresh yourself and enable you to tackle that essay or do some homework.

Clearly, the rules that apply to dating post-college don’t really apply at all to college dating. It’s a different species, with people a lot younger who haven’t really figured out who they are …

5 Best College Majors – Official 2016 List

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The world economy is always changing, but we know one thing for certain: STEM jobs (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are a quickly growing field and students who major in one of these areas is going to earn a significant salary from day one.

The majors that get people these types of jobs aren’t very appealing to most people, though, which is why jobs in these areas make so much money; there isn’t enough supply to meet the demand.

Some people not only don’t care about math or engineering, but money isn’t always on their mind; they’d rather do something that makes them happy, even if they have to live paycheck to paycheck.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a junior who has realized how much they hate their major, I’ve concocted a list of the five best majors in college right now, based not just off of starting salary but on how satisfied people are with their career choice.

1. Nursing

College students who graduate with degrees in nursing will lead busy, but very meaningful careers. Over 80% over nursing students find their job to meaningful, which makes sense, as nurses help people every single day.

With an average starting salary of around $54,000 a year, nurses make pretty good money right off the bat, but that isn’t the biggest selling point for nursing majors. People who chose this major did it for a variety of reasons, centering around wanting to help people.

Not only do nurses love their job, they get pretty decent pay for it, so I’d say it’s a win-win for nurses here, and thus they earn the number one spot.

2. Biomedical Engineering

Another job in the medical field, these guys do tons of medical research at colleges, hospitals, and actual research facilities, whether they’re working on splicing genes or creating a pill that will help people live healthier lives, students who major in this field not only make a good salary to start on, they’re pretty happy with their jobs as well.

Most college grads who have a degree in this field will earn around $55,000 per year, and that will only go up from there. Not too bad, when your former roommate is living back home after his history major didn’t work out the way he’d hoped.

Nearly 80% of students who get a degree in biomedical engineering find their job to be meaningful, so it seems to feed the soul as well as your wallet.

3. Petroleum Engineering

If I was you I’d consider a job in this field before the world runs out of petrol- make your money while you can!

Petroleum engineers find themselves going from eating leftover burritos in college to earning major racks once they earn their degree – average starting salary in this field almost $100k a year.

It makes sense that people who graduate with this degree are happy with their careers, since money does make a lot of people happy; overall satisfaction with the job is around 75%.

The only drawback is that the world will run out of oil in around half a century, but it won’t matter to recent graduates as they’ll have more money than Scrooge McDuck by that time and will have retired.

If you don’t know what to do in life but know you want to make a lot of money, get a degree in petroleum engineering.

4. Education (Elementary)

Teachers are an important, seemingly undervalued asset for the entire world. Without them, many people would not have found their calling.

Teachers help students learn not just the assigned material, but they can assume a role of parent or friend, and teaching is a job that is generally underpays despite what they do for everyone throughout the world.

Elementary teachers, specifically, get kids engaged in learning and help set the foundation for the rest of their lives. This job has a lot of influence on the students and teachers, and it makes sense that over 75% of teachers find their jobs to be satisfactory and meaningful.

The starting salary is begins at around $31,000 a year, but I think the satisfaction teachers get from their jobs makes up for it pretty well.

5. Theology

Not many people these days are religious, and thus not many choose to study it in college. Those that do, though, live happy lives and are pretty happy with the choice they made.

Over 70% of students who major in this field find it to be …

Top Party Schools – Official 2016 List

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College is a place to learn, parents and teachers say. It’s mostly a place to get weird and make new friends, if you ask actual college students.

Some schools, like those in the Ivy League, have students who really don’t care about getting blacked out, but would rather earn their degree and start making millions. That’s all well and good, but where’s the fun?

When we’re not studying (which is literally all the time), college students like to turn up, and some colleges turn up a bit more than others. Thus, it’s time we rank the top 10 party schools for 2016 and let everyone know who’s the best at getting turnt!

Here is the Turnt 10, ranked ‘Most Turnt’ to ‘Not As Turnt But Still Pretty Turnt’:

1. Syracuse (#1 overall 2015) – ‘Most Turnt’

2. UCSB (#3 overall 2015) – ‘Blacked Out After Blacking Out While Blacked Out’

3. University of Iowa (#2 overall 2015) – ‘Forgot Own Name’

4. West Virginia University (#4 overall 2015) – ‘Never Sober’

5. University of Florida (#10 overall 2015) – ‘Almost Too Turnt’

6. Florida State University (#12 overall 2015) – ‘So Turnt Always Chanting Fight Song’

7. Penn State University (#7 overall 2015) – ‘Drinking Perpetually To Forget That One Time’

8. Arizona State University (unranked 2015) – ‘Too Hot To Not Be Turnt’

9. Chico State University (unranked 2015) – ‘Turnt Before 8 AM Lecture’

10. University of Georgia (#15 overall 2015) – ‘Not As Turnt But Still Pretty Turnt’

1: Syracuse is ranked number 1 overall again, and it seems like they party just as hard as they do in the paint; if you like to party and you’re a 5-star recruit for basketball, Syracuse is the college for you.

2: University of California-Santa Barbara went up a notch, but didn’t get turnt enough in 2015 to surpass the reigning champs. Looks like some people need to attend Turnt Camp during summer to prepare for all the ragers throughout the next two semesters.

3: University of Iowa swapped spots with UCSB and I think there’s a rivalry brewing here; they both know how to get f*cked up and need to get more turnt than Syracuse this year if they have any hopes of getting the title next year. Iowa has a huge upside though, since there’s nothing to do in Iowa besides get turnt and shuck some corn.

4: West Virginia University is in the same spot they were in last year; that’s not a bad thing but doesn’t bode too well for them either- they are doing what they need to do every year, but that needs to change if they want to climb the ladder. I think WVU will see a lot of ragers this year, and look for them to party harder than a few schools ranked ahead of them.

5: The Florida Gators down in Gainesville have improved their turn up game and rose 5 spots ahead of their 2015 ranking, which was an unexpected climb given the competition. Look for these tanned and turnt students to rise even further over the coming year.

6: Florida seems to be a party state, as Florida State has claimed the 6th spot right behind the Gators. The Seminoles may have won the last two football games against their in-state rivals, but they still lag a few plastic gallons of vodka behind the Gators; look for FSU students to turn up extra hard in the coming year.

7: Penn State has faced a few years of inner turmoil lately, and that has lead to many drinks to forget the whole ordeal. These students are in a funk, and I don’t see that changing this year; the Nittany Lions will party, but it won’t be enough, and their ranking will fall out of the top ten in a year’s time.

8: Arizona doesn’t have much more than sand, heat, and sun. These combine to create an environment where getting turnt is a mandatory fact of life, and the Sun Devils sure know how to get weird. ASU wasn’t even ranked last year, but look for this school to stay high in the rankings and in life over the next few years.

9: Chico State, although unranked in 2015, finds itself back in the race at the ninth spot, as the Wildcats have gotten really, really, turnt over the course of the last year. These wild, but very friendly students are looking to do more of the same in …

10 Insanely Successful People You Never Knew Dropped Out of College

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Your parents, teachers, and even politicians preach about how important going to college is. They say you won’t be as successful without a college education and that you won’t make nearly as much money. There are even studies that have proven college grads simply just do better in life. It makes you wonder; there’s got to be some successful people in life who never went to college, right? Maybe you can’t afford college, and you just want some hope that you’re not completely screwed in life. Well, you might be surprised to hear that some of the most successful people in the world never made it to see their college diploma. Look no further, because we’ve got a list of super successful people who never went to college.

1. Bill Gates

The inventor of Microsoft and the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, never graduated college. That’s right, after two years at Harvard, Gates called it quits. Harvard eventually granted Gates an honorary degree in 2007, because come on, it’s Bill Gates! Gates is now one of the best-known entrepreneurs in history, has begun numerous charities, and is worth a whopping $78.8 billion dollars. In case you were wondering, Microsoft’s lesser-known co-founder Paul Allen also dropped out of college. We’re going to go ahead and say this whole dropping out of college thing really worked in these Microsoft guy’s favor.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

Everyone knows the story about how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook out of his college dorm, but who knew that that he never graduated? He dropped out of Harvard his sophomore year to move to Silicon Valley and put all of his time and energy into the site. Lucky for Mark, Facebook is arguably the most used social media site out there, so his decision to drop out was clearly a smart move. There was even a movie made about Zuckerberg’s journey to the top.

3. Steve Jobs

Need I say more? Steve Jobs, the founder of a little company called Apple, is hailed as the Thomas Edison of our time but never graduated college. He never even made it past one semester. That’s right, Jobs dropped out after one semester and had to collect cans and bottles to make ends meet. Who knew that years later, Jobs would be named the most powerful man in business, and would be worth billions of dollars.

4. David Ek

David Ek only lasted eight weeks at his college in Sweden before he decided to drop out. Within a few years, he was already a millionaire. Ek has always been somewhat of a genius. Hence, he applied to be a Google engineer at age sixteen. So who is he? Ek is the co-founder of the Swedish music streaming service, Spotify, which has over 32 million users worldwide. Seems like these tech guys are onto something?

5. Susan Lyne

Susan Lyne tried out three colleges before ultimately dropping out, but this didn’t hold her back from having a successful and diverse career. The recently named CEO of AOL’s content brands used to be ABC’s president, as well as was the CEO of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Gilt Groupe.

6. John Mackey

Who would’ve thought Whole Food’s founder, John Mackey, not only didn’t graduate college, he never even took a business course? Well, it’s the truth, Mackey dropped out of the University of Texas multiple times while studying religion and philosophy. Then, he joined a vegan co-op, met a girl, and borrowed money to open his first store. Whole Foods has now gone international and does more than $12 billion in sales.

7. Arash Ferdowsi

Pardon the pun, but the founder of DropBox was a college drop-out. Arash Ferdowsi is a co-founder of DropBox, which is now worth an estimated $4 billion. Yes, Dropbox is worth billions of dollars, and Arash is obviously enjoying the benefits. He became a millionaire at age 27. Arash is a 30-year-old Iranian-American entrepreneur who dropped out of MIT in his last year to focus on his business. Dropbox started out as a small startup but now has hundreds of millions of users. Way to go, Arash, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t jealous.

8. David Karp

Maybe you’ve heard of a little site called Tumblr. Of course you have, it’s the 9th most visited site in the nation. Not only did Tumblr’s creator, David Karp, never graduate college- he never even graduated high school! Nevertheless, Karp is worth an estimated $200 million dollars. …