Top Party Schools – Official 2016 List

College is a place to learn, parents and teachers say. It’s mostly a place to get weird and make new friends, if you ask actual college students.

Some schools, like those in the Ivy League, have students who really don’t care about getting blacked out, but would rather earn their degree and start making millions. That’s all well and good, but where’s the fun?

When we’re not studying (which is literally all the time), college students like to turn up, and some colleges turn up a bit more than others. Thus, it’s time we rank the top 10 party schools for 2016 and let everyone know who’s the best at getting turnt!

Here is the Turnt 10, ranked ‘Most Turnt’ to ‘Not As Turnt But Still Pretty Turnt’:

1. Syracuse (#1 overall 2015) – ‘Most Turnt’

2. UCSB (#3 overall 2015) – ‘Blacked Out After Blacking Out While Blacked Out’

3. University of Iowa (#2 overall 2015) – ‘Forgot Own Name’

4. West Virginia University (#4 overall 2015) – ‘Never Sober’

5. University of Florida (#10 overall 2015) – ‘Almost Too Turnt’

6. Florida State University (#12 overall 2015) – ‘So Turnt Always Chanting Fight Song’

7. Penn State University (#7 overall 2015) – ‘Drinking Perpetually To Forget That One Time’

8. Arizona State University (unranked 2015) – ‘Too Hot To Not Be Turnt’

9. Chico State University (unranked 2015) – ‘Turnt Before 8 AM Lecture’

10. University of Georgia (#15 overall 2015) – ‘Not As Turnt But Still Pretty Turnt’

1: Syracuse is ranked number 1 overall again, and it seems like they party just as hard as they do in the paint; if you like to party and you’re a 5-star recruit for basketball, Syracuse is the college for you.

2: University of California-Santa Barbara went up a notch, but didn’t get turnt enough in 2015 to surpass the reigning champs. Looks like some people need to attend Turnt Camp during summer to prepare for all the ragers throughout the next two semesters.

3: University of Iowa swapped spots with UCSB and I think there’s a rivalry brewing here; they both know how to get f*cked up and need to get more turnt than Syracuse this year if they have any hopes of getting the title next year. Iowa has a huge upside though, since there’s nothing to do in Iowa besides get turnt and shuck some corn.

4: West Virginia University is in the same spot they were in last year; that’s not a bad thing but doesn’t bode too well for them either- they are doing what they need to do every year, but that needs to change if they want to climb the ladder. I think WVU will see a lot of ragers this year, and look for them to party harder than a few schools ranked ahead of them.

5: The Florida Gators down in Gainesville have improved their turn up game and rose 5 spots ahead of their 2015 ranking, which was an unexpected climb given the competition. Look for these tanned and turnt students to rise even further over the coming year.

6: Florida seems to be a party state, as Florida State has claimed the 6th spot right behind the Gators. The Seminoles may have won the last two football games against their in-state rivals, but they still lag a few plastic gallons of vodka behind the Gators; look for FSU students to turn up extra hard in the coming year.

7: Penn State has faced a few years of inner turmoil lately, and that has lead to many drinks to forget the whole ordeal. These students are in a funk, and I don’t see that changing this year; the Nittany Lions will party, but it won’t be enough, and their ranking will fall out of the top ten in a year’s time.

8: Arizona doesn’t have much more than sand, heat, and sun. These combine to create an environment where getting turnt is a mandatory fact of life, and the Sun Devils sure know how to get weird. ASU wasn’t even ranked last year, but look for this school to stay high in the rankings and in life over the next few years.

9: Chico State, although unranked in 2015, finds itself back in the race at the ninth spot, as the Wildcats have gotten really, really, turnt over the course of the last year. These wild, but very friendly students are looking to do more of the same in 2016, and they might be able to edge out a school or two above them by next year.

10: Rounding out the top ten we have the University of Georgia; the Dawgs were ranked #2 back in 2012, but have fallen each year, until now. They’ve picked up the slack recently and have gotten supremely smashed, crawling their way back into the higher rankings. Will they continue to climb, or will they face their dog days once again?

These ten schools have worked hard to turn up enough to earn a spot among the top ten party schools in the nation. The upcoming semesters will see many parties and students will need to get turnt out of their minds if they want their school to keep its ranking; the competition this year will be intense, and who knows, maybe a cinderella school can topple one of the big boys.