5 College Dating Facts You Won’t Believe

College dating is wild and unpredictable, and doesn’t have many set rules, unlike dating after college. College is a time where young people really get an idea for the dating scene, as high school wasn’t very representative of how the dating world really works.

Dating in college is kind of a survival of the fittest situation where the ones who can get dates get dates, and the ones who don’t or don’t want to, well… don’t. If you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and if you don’t, you don’t.

Whatever the reason for entering the dating scene (or staying away from it) in college, there are five facts about college dating that you’ll find surprising, or make you say, “Oohh, that’s why…”

1: One third of college seniors have been on two or fewer dates. Just because you’ve been in college for four years doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been on your share of dates.

It may come as a surprise that that amount of seniors haven’t been on a date, but think about it this way; some students have their hearts set on getting their degree and starting their career right after college, so they are not very focused on getting a date this Friday night.

These students may seem like they’re not having as much fun as their classmates who are hooking up or dating, but they just have different goals and are really invested in their future, so they tend to shy away from dates and spend most of their time in the library.

2: Men have the upper hand when it comes to selecting a date. This is because there are more women than there are men in college.

Upwards of 55% of college students are female, so if you’re a guy and it doesn’t seem like you’ll be on a date anytime soon, think again; things are looking up.

3: You won’t find your next date at a bar near campus. College students love to party, and bar hopping is a good way to do that.

You’d think that with so many students going to bars some of them would have found a date at a bar, but only 2% of guys and 9% of girls find a relationship at a bar.

Next time you hit the bars with some friends and don’t go back home with someone, don’t let it ruin your drunken stupor; no one else that night went home with someone (unless they came together).

4: One out of every four seniors have never slept with anyone before. You’d think that with casual hookups being so popular that this number would be a lot smaller, but a quarter of seniors have never had sex.

This could tie into the statistic about students going one two or fewer dates in college; some students go to college to be students, and solely that. They may have major responsibilities, making them focus on their studies so they can get a job and provide for their family, or to get their lives back on track after a misstep.

With their studies and even work, some college students barely have time to even relax, let alone find someone to hookup with or date.

When you think about it in a different light, it makes sense that one out of four seniors are virgins. They may not be experienced in bed, but they could be closer to starting their careers than students who have slept around and put less focus on school.

5: Over 70% of college students hookup with someone by senior year. College can be really fun and blissful, but it can also really, really, suck and make you want to stab yourself in the eye with a pencil.

Thus, every now and then college students need to unwind and relax (by “every now and then” I mean just about every night). Some “unwind” by getting really turnt, some chill and watch Netflix, and some have sex with someone they just met.

By senior year, 7 out of 10 students will have had a one night stand, and many of them will have done that more than once. Sex is a great stress reliever, and sometimes it’s all you need to refresh yourself and enable you to tackle that essay or do some homework.

Clearly, the rules that apply to dating post-college don’t really apply at all to college dating. It’s a different species, with people a lot younger who haven’t really figured out who they are or what they want.

These five facts may seem hard to believe (unless you’re a genius, in which you’d know all of this already), but if you’re an incoming freshman, these facts can help you make the best of the next four years.

If you’ve already graduated, you can look at these stats and realize where you went wrong or figure out why you never found “the one” at your favorite bar.

Either way, these stats about college dating are pretty surprising and can surely bring up fond memories of those four great years or make you wonder at what the next four years will bring.