Why People are so Obsessed With the Texas State Barbie Jeep Girl Story

After reading dozens of articles, tweets and posts, we had to ask ourselves, why are people so obsessed with the Tara Monroe story? If you haven’t heard of Tara Monroe already, which would be insane, here’s the story.

It’s a college student’s parent’s worst nightmare: Your kid got a DWI. Not only does it royally suck for the parents, but it also sucks for the college student! Obviously, driving while drunk is never cool, and will never be cool, so I guess they deserve the consequences.

Twenty-year-old Texas State student Tara Monroe has a unique story about getting a DWI that has recently gained national attention. It all began when Tara got pulled over after a Waka Flocka concert and refused to do the breathalyzer test.

Ballsy Tara, very ballsy, and we might not be lying when we say that we would’ve done the same thing. Consequently, Tara got her license immediately suspended, but no one saw what was coming next.

To punish Tara further, her dad came to campus and took her car home for good. This left carless Tara with only a bike to get herself around, and as Tara told MySanAntonio.com, “Riding a bike around campus sucks. Like really sucks.” We honestly can’t say we disagree, Tara.

Tara decided to take matters into her own hands, so she turned to Craigslist to find a different, better way to get around campus. Her search led her to Charlene, a little girl who was selling a hot pink and purple Barbie Jeep for only sixty bucks. Tara, recognizing that this was a no-brainer, took the deal and decided to name the jeep after Charlene.

After buying Charlene, (the jeep not the girl) Tara became a lightweight celebrity on the Texas State and The University of Texas at Austin’s West campuses. After being the star of numerous peoples tweets, Snapchats, and Instagram posts, Tara’s story gained national attention.

For a week or so, the Tara Monroe story was blowing up everywhere on the internet- everyone was talking about it. But why? We have a theory, and will leave it up to you to decide whether or not you agree.

Our theory is that the Tara Monroe story makes people, particularly college students, feel better about their drunk fuck ups. This is because yeah, Tara definitely messed up, but she owned it and was able to make fun of herself. Again, we certainly don’t condone or support Tara getting a DWI, that’s not chill, but people mess up. At the end of the day, a positive attitude is all about the way you handle bad situations. So many college students have been in similar situations as Tara (the DWI part, not the jeep part) so maybe in a way these people feel like they can relate to her.