In Defense of Lemmings

In Defense of Lemmings
Directed by Justin Remer
Produced by Justin Remer

In Defense of Lemmings, the hilarious short film costarring Troma president Lloyd Kaufman (also certfied Dogpile film #8), is coming to a film festival near you in 2004. This wild, irreverent comedy combines four completely different movies in just under ten minutes.

A documentary crew follows a girl trying to explode the myth that lemmings follow each other off cliffs, a young writer searches for the perfect story and a way to stop losing his hair, three Eastern European Jews dream of a new life in America, and studio exec Lloyd Kaufman tries to make sense of the whole damn thing.

In celebration of In Defense of Lemmings‘s world premiere as a special Secret Screening at the 2004 Tromadance Film Festival, we present a trailer — featuring otherwise unavailable outtakes from the already-classic sequence featuring Lloyd Kaufman — available in QuickTime and Windows Media.